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Weaving a Life

Weaving a Life: Personal and Spiritual Growth


Chris has trained in facilitating this gentle process which uses weaving as a means of expressing a way of being in our lives. She had no knowledge of weaving prior to undertaking the training so can vouch for it being suitable for absolute beginners. All the weaving takes place on small hand-held, simple looms. Even the looms have their own meanings - it's a magical experience! See the website www.weavingalife.com for more information on this lovely process...


Weaving a Life is simple symbolic weaving suitable for both beginners and experienced weavers as a way to explore the inner self and create balance and wholeness in our world.


The Weaving a Life Process is an approach to re-visioning oneself and one’s possibilities through a hands-on process of creating a series of simple weavings called keyforms.

The keyforms – amulet, bowl, doll, belt, mask, sacred bundle, and shawl – are elemental forms common to all cultures throughout the world. They become physical manifestations of personal meaning for the one who creates them. The woven forms hold symbolic significance in themselves, and form a kind of vessel or template for the individual to create a unique and personal experience of a path to self-discovery.


Weaving a Life is a personal process for revealing

the vision and gifts you already hold inside.



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